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Lexus GS 450h in Torrance

The 2013 Lexus GS 450h makes its debut on the hybrid market as a fuel-efficient sport sedan. Promising 34 mpg on the highway, the increased fuel efficiency makes it a powerful competitor among the luxury hybrid class. Take one look at its flat underbody and you'll see a cohesive design that utilizes aero-stabilizing fins for improved aerodynamic performance and noise reduction. The GS 350h's unique tri-lamp headlights complete the hybrid's forward thinking exterior design.

You'll notice an engaging interior styling when you hop in and are immediately cooled by its patented S-flow automatic climate control system. Of course, the driver seat is where the magic happens and the GS 450h's bamboo wrapped steering wheel lets you have complete control over audio and multi-information display.

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Lexus GS 450h in Torrance

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