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Feel The Exhilaration of Driving The 2015 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe in Hawthorne

The 2015 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe meets the pinnacle of style with its robust powertrain and slick exterior. The engine hits up to 400 horsepower and 325 lb.-ft of torque. Its brakes are exceptional and include 6-piston aluminum fixed monobloc calipers in the front along with 4-piston aluminum fixed monobloc calipers in the rear. The exterior sports good looks with Bi-Xenon headlights, separate auxiliary light modules, the PORSCHE logotype on the rear lid and more. The interior is lavishly furnished with partial leather Sport Seats with 4-way electric adjustment of backrest and seat height. See why the 2015 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe is one of this year's choicest sports cars by visiting us at LAcarGUY today!

2-Door RWD Coupe

Base Price: $84,300
The RWD Coupe Manual trim is fired up and ready to go with its 3.4L horizontally opposed 6-cylinder aluminum engine. Its exterior is dressed in a dazzling set of 19" Carrera alloy wheels.

4S 2-Door AWD Coupe

Base Price: $105,630
The 4S trim has a 400 horsepower and 325 torque. Also the trim has a sound package system that offers nine speakers and a 235 watt output.

S 2-Door RWD Coupe

Base Price: $98,900
The S trim is amplified with a 400 horsepower and 325 lb.-ft of torque. The interior is equipped with a sports steering with manual adjustment.

4 2-Door AWD Coupe

Base Price: $91,030
The 4 trim is equipped with the latest electrical equipment including Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone connection and the HomeLink programmable garage door opener. The exterior holds bi-xenon headlights with dynamic headlight leveling.

Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe in Hawthorne

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