Audi to Make the Next Q7 a Hybrid Diesel Plug-in

December 6th, 2014 by

Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s development chief has been leaking a whole lot of information lately and he just released more info about an exciting variation on Audi’s Q7 that’s in the works. The new model will eventually include a diesel-hybrid version that can be plugged in, in between driving. By merging these technologies together Audi should be able to create a highly efficient SUV that’s very enjoyable to drive around.

2015 audi q7

Massive Amounts of Torque

One of the best features of electric and diesel vehicles is the high levels of torque that’s produced. The Q7 will be equipped with a diesel engine and electric-powered motors providing massive amounts of torque throughout the power range. The electric motor will provide a nice burst of torque early on before the diesel engine has a chance to power up much and at high speeds the diesel will add in a large amount of torque making the SUV a very capable driver.

About the Q7 Diesel Plug-in

This version of the Q7 is expected to rely on the same 3.0 liter diesel engine that the standard diesel model uses, and it will have an additional electric motor on top of that. This rare variation is expected to be released in Europe first, but Audi is planning on bringing it to the US as well. According to Hackenberg, the high level of power mixed with its fuel efficiency will make the Q7 model a popular seller in the states.

High Cost

The only downside to this very advanced technology is the high price that will come along with it. The Q7 is already marketed as a luxury SUV and priced as such. The diesel engine bumps that price up by more than $5,000 and hybrid technology is well-known for adding additional costs to vehicle production. Adding in the plug-in tech will bump the price up further and the amount of fuel saved may not be enough to justify the price increase for some buyers. Still it’s a cool idea and would make the Q7 one of just three vehicles to use the diesel-hybrid setup. The vehicles expected to be released in the late part of 2015 or the early part of 2016 and will be the first of its kind offered by Audi.

There’s no information about how much total torque the vehicle will have, or about whether it will be able to drive on electric power alone or not, but it’s an exciting project that should draw a lot of interest from proponents of green technology.

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