Electric vehicles have plenty of benefits. For one, they make the world greener by reducing carbon emissions. Two, they reduce how often you need to visit the gas station. And three, electric vehicles typically require lower maintenance. Overall, electric vehicles offer drivers many incentives to buy them. But what about if you are an LA driver? Modern electric vehicles are only getting more advanced and considerate of drivers' wants and needs. And owning an electric vehicle in LA is only getting easier, and here's why.


There is no denying that LA is a popular and bustling town. With celebrities around every corner and high-end restaurants, shops, and more, it can be hard to match the style of this famous city. An electric vehicle, however, changes that. Modern electric vehicles come with a unique style that will easily turn heads. Popular models like the Ford Musang Mach-E and the Tesla Model Y fit right in due to their instantly iconic looks.


There is also no denying that just as LA is a bustling city, so too are the residents. There is plenty to do in LA, whether for work or pleasure. To make the most of your LA life, pick up an electric vehicle, as they offer plenty of utility for everyday life.

LA EV Tax Credits

A highlight of owning an electric vehicle in LA is the tax and financial benefits. For one, LA residents can receive a $1,500 California Clean Fuel Reward, a $7,500 maximum federal EV tax credit, and a $500 rebate towards a Level 2 EV home charger.

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