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Find Your Thrill with Our Adrenaline Collection

Cars are more than just transportation; they're made to enjoy. Get your pulse racing with our Adrenaline collection – hand-selected by our team of specialists. Although each model has its advantages, they all have outstanding horsepower in common.

Whatever excites you, we have a car to match it. Torque, horsepower, turbocharge, or even aesthetic – We have a model that fits your wants and needs.


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Shop for the Perfect Car that Fits Your Lifestyle at LAcarGuy

California drivers love knowing their car will get them back and forth to work, keep passengers safe, drive a growing family to school and activities, and haul all their gear on road trips. With so many types of cars on the market, searching for a model that can suit your lifestyle can seem like a daunting task. But when you shop with LAcarGUY, you'll find the process simplified to make it easier to find a vehicle that will do exactly what you need on every trip.

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Browse Our Available Lease Specials at LAcarGUY

Leasing a vehicle is a popular choice among many Los Angeles drivers. It offers the chance to drive the newest models every few years. You can stay up to date with the latest vehicle technology, amenities, and style, all without worrying about long-term maintenance and fees. Whether this is your first time leasing a vehicle or not, please be sure to browse our available lease specials. Our specials are designed to help you save money when it comes time to lease a new vehicle.

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What's the Best EV Car?

With the automotive industry moving entirely to producing electric vehicles by the 2040s, it makes sense to keep electric and hybrid vehicles in the back of your mind. More than likely, you will be owning or leasing an electric vehicle in Los Angeles within the next couple of decades because of this movement. But which electric vehicles should you keep an eye on for your lifestyle?

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What Are Cars with Good Technology Features?

With every new generation of vehicles in Los Angeles, there are new technology features added to your favorite vehicles. New innovative technology is everywhere, and brands constantly attempt to improve their vehicles through these technological breakthroughs. How vehicles are made now is completely changing thanks to technology, providing us with sustainable electric and hybrid vehicles. But what should technology lovers look for in a vehicle? And which vehicles stand out for their technology?

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The Benefits of EVs in LA

Electric vehicles have plenty of benefits. For one, they make the world greener by reducing carbon emissions. Two, they reduce how often you need to visit the gas station. And three, electric vehicles typically require lower maintenance. Overall, electric vehicles offer drivers many incentives to buy them. But what about if you are an LA driver? Modern electric vehicles are only getting more advanced and considerate of drivers' wants and needs. And owning an electric vehicle in LA is only getting easier, and here's why.

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Go Green with the Electric Vehicles at LAcarGuy

Year after year, auto manufacturers keep coming out with new electric vehicles to stay competitive in an ever-expanding market. We have over 30 new electric vehicles from various brands that provide tons of power and zero carbon emissions at our dealership. If you’re looking to go green, then there is no better LA area dealership than LAcarGuy.

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Why Shop at an LAcarGUY Dealership?

Looking for your next friend in the automotive industry? The LAcarGUY team has been serving the Los Angeles area since 1967. And that means we know what it takes to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Whether you are shopping for a car, truck or SUV, we are well-equipped to help with your automotive needs. Once you visit our store, that is something you will experience first-hand.

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