Energy Independence Now On How To Go Idle-LESS By Driving Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Cars.

July 10th, 2019 by

LAcarGUY eco-partner Kim Lewand Martin continues her quest to go Idle-Less while  driving the Toyota Mirai for a week.  Be sure to check out her Eco-Habits Blog.

As part of our quest to Go Idle-LESS, I had the opportunity to meet with Justo Robles, the Deputy Director for Energy Independence Now, a fantastic nonprofit whose mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and harmful particulate matter from the transportation sector by advancing clean hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Justo answers questions Everyday People may have about what exactly hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are, how they work, and whether they are as convenient as conventional cars. Not only that, but they let me test drive a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for a whole week?

I picked up my Toyota Mirai from them and they showed me how to fuel up at a regular gas station that provides the hydrogen fuel (it was conveniently located and easy to do!). The car drove no differently than any other gas powered car, with the positive exception that it was much quieter. It is roomy enough for my whole family and $15,000 worth of free hydrogen fuel comes with your purchase of the car! Thank you Energy Independence Now for providing me this opportunity. I encourage you to check out hydrogen fuel cell electric cars as a great way to Go-Idle-LESS!


Electric blue 2021 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle

2021 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell