Find Your Nearest Car Charging Station in the Los Angeles Area

January 26th, 2017 by

Volkswagen e-Golf EV Charging

For a long time, one of the obstacles for Los Angeles and Santa Monica drivers in buying an electric car or plug-in hybrid was the limited availability of electric car charging stations. This limited the range of the car and it made it difficult to go on extended drives in a region (in)famous for its long commutes.

But that has changed recently, and over the last few years, an incredible number of charging stations have popped up all over the city — including at LAcarGUY dealerships like Toyota of Hollywood, Toyota Santa Monica, and Lexus Santa Monica. Read on to learn some of the common centers for car charging stations in the region.

Where Can I Find a Car Charging Station?

Charging stations are now available in nearly every part of the greater Los Angeles area. Santa Monica and Beverly Hills in particular are hot spots for charging stations; in those areas, there is one nearly every few miles. But there are also a large number of stations in Pasadena and Inglewood. That means taking your plug-in Volkswagen e-Golf to the beach is now easier than ever, and your worries about the limits of your EV driving range are a thing of the past. Use this EV Charger Map to easily find the closest charging station to you.

What are the Benefits of Electric Vehicles?

Now that charging stations are so common, the major hurdle to extended drives in an electric vehicle have been overcome. Now you are free to enjoy the incredible fuel economy of your electric car without worrying about the length of your ride. These vehicles produce zero emissions, and they are incredibly simple and affordable to refuel.

As electric vehicles continue to become more common, the number of charging stations will grow even greater. Consequently, refueling your electric vehicle will continue to more closely resemble the quick and commonplace refueling of conventional vehicles.

Learn More About the Charging Stations Around Los Angeles

With electric charging stations being so plentiful, electric vehicles are easier than ever to own and operate. To learn more about charging stations and electric cars at our dealerships, call LAcarGUY at 888-202-1945 or contact us online today.