How To Drive a Fuel Cell Vehicle

There have been so many innovations in automotive technology over the last decade. The Toyota Mirai is the latest vehicle to break barriers to change the way we can power our vehicles in an effort to combat dependence on oil and lessen our impact on the environment. Available now to drivers in the Los Angeles area after a qualifying interview process, this sedan is making waves. Learn how to drive this vehicle from Hawthorne to Santa Monica and beyond below before you start the application process!

How to Drive a Fuel Cell Vehicle

When you’re behind the wheel of the Toyota Mirai, you won’t need to learn how to drive all over again. The fuel cell vehicle seemingly drives like gasoline-powered cars, though it’s powered by an electric motor that generates energy from hydrogen. The only noticeable difference you’ll experience is stopping at designated hydrogen fueling stations to fill up instead of a gas station.

How to Refill a Fuel Cell Vehicle

Hydrogen fuel stations are located throughout Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and beyond. When you arrive, it takes about five minutes to refill an empty hydrogen tank. For the first three years that you own or lease the Mirai, your hydrogen fuel is complimentary so you don’t have to worry about incurring any extra costs. You’ll get about 312 miles for every full tank, which means a much bigger range that offered on electric plug-in vehicles.

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen cars are an exciting development in vehicle technology. As we move further and further from dependence on natural oil, we’ve turned our attention to other resources that have a less harmful impact on the environment. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in our atmosphere, and the fuel cell vehicle uses hydrogen to power by combining with oxygen and producing electric energy. The only byproduct of this process is water, arguably the eco-friendliest byproduct that a vehicle could produce!

The Process

Because of its limited availability at this time, the Mirai is only available after an interview process. This is to make sure that your lifestyle fits well with Toyota’s vision of the Mirai, and that you’ll be satisfied with all that this vehicle has to offer. After filling out a questionnaire, you’ll have an appointment with a Mirai specialist to take a test drive and learn all that this vehicle has to offer before applying to purchase or lease. For now, it’s only available in select regions where hydrogen fuel stations are accessible or being built so that there’s no issue of fuel shortage.

Features of the Toyota Mirai

There’s nothing you have to give up by driving a fuel cell vehicle. If anything, this car is better equipped than most sedans on the market. With a striking exterior and luxurious interior filled with tech, we know you’ll love all that the Mirai has to offer.

  • Driver Assistance Features: You’ll have all of the latest advanced safety tech, including Toyota’s Pre-Collision System, Safety Connect®, and Lane Departure Alert.
  • Dual Zone Climate Control: Both driver and passenger can elect temperatures on a sleek touchscreen control center.
  • Toyota Entune: A touchscreen display allows you access to apps, smartphone syncing, audio streaming, and more in one seamless system.
  • SofTex® Seating: This alternative to leather is comfortable and stylish, and 8-way power adjustable seats with power lumbar are heated so cooler days are more comfortable.
  • Acoustic Noise Control Materials: This car was built to actively cancel road noise o you enjoy a more comfortable and quiet cabin ride.

Take Part in the Revolution with the Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai is available now at Toyota of Santa Monica. After you’ve filled out the questionnaire, you can schedule an interview with our on-site Mirai specialist who will offer you a more comprehensive view of how fuel cell vehicles work as well as a test drive. Become part of the change today by getting behind the wheel of a hydrogen car. We’re located at 801 Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica, CA, where we serve drivers from the Los Angeles area and beyond. Give us a call at 424-645-0941 if you have any questions, or you can also ask us online. We look forward to seeing drivers from Hawthorne and beyond!