How to Power Fuel Cell Vehicles

There are so many exciting options opening up for environmentally friendly alternatives to gasoline-fueled vehicles. One of the newest developments in automotive technology is the fuel cell vehicle. The Toyota Mirai is a fuel cell vehicle that’s available now in limited quantities and through a qualifying interview process.  Being part of the change in gasoline dependency is something that Toyota is proud of, since developing the revolutionary Prius, and now with the Mirai. Learn all about how this vehicle works, how to power a fuel cell vehicle, what features the Mirai offers, and how to begin the process of getting behind the wheel of a Mirai today.

How Does a Fuel Cell Vehicle Work?

A fuel cell vehicle, or FCV, is powered by a fuel cell stack that uses hydrogen gas you fill up with combined with oxygen from the air to create electric energy. The hydrogen enters the fuel cell on one side, and oxygen enters on the other. When they mix in the center, the electric energy is stored in a rechargeable battery to get the vehicle moving with its motor, while the only by-product of this process is water. This technology is more progressive than the hybrid as it does not make use of gasoline at all, and the range is far more than plug-in vehicles that cannot create their own electric power.

How Do You Power the Fuel Cell Vehicle?

Even though hydrogen does occur in the atmosphere, you do need to fill up the Mirai with hydrogen gas. The limited distribution of this vehicle is partly due to the availability of hydrogen fueling stations. However, the Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas have plenty of hydrogen fueling stations. It will take about five minutes to fill up the tank, which isn’t too far off from stopping at a regular gas station. And for the first three years that you own the Mirai, every fill-up of hydrogen gas is completely covered. Toyota will foot the bill so you don’t have to worry about the cost.

What Does the Mirai Have to Offer Inside?

The Toyota Mirai is a stylish sedan that doesn’t cut any corners with tech or quality just because it’s powered by this revolutionary technology. It has a sloping front end that contributes to minimizing air resistance, and the wide air intakes below the grille are bold. Inside of the cabin, you and your passengers will enjoy all of the modern amenities offered in the automotive market today.

  • Toyota Entune Infotainment: Enjoy the ease of a center console mounted touchscreen display that provides you with access to your smartphone storage, select apps, audio streaming, available navigation, and so much more!
  • Noise Cancellation Technology: This model has been built with acoustic materials to block out road noise, and inside, volumes adjust to cancel out noise to provide you with the best listening experience possible.
  • Lane Departure Warning: If you begin to drift from your lane’s center without using a turn signal, you’ll receive an alert so that you can fix your steering before an accident occurs.
  • Rearview Camera: Standard inside every Mirai is a rearview camera that flips on your touchscreen display when you shift gears into reverse.
  • Parking Sensors: In both the front and rear bumpers, you’ll have sensors that will alert you when you come too close to hitting another vehicle or object when maneuvering into tight parking spots.

Make a Change and Meet the Mirai

If everything that the Mirai stands for sounds good to you and fits in your lifestyle, you can come in to Toyota of Santa Monica today to see it in person. To take a test drive, you’ll need to fill out the application for the interview process so that we can set you up with an appointment with our Mirai Specialist as soon as possible. Once you’re sure to be compatible with what the Mirai stands for and understand how it works, you can take it out on the road and begin the process of being one of the exclusive owners of this new vehicle! We’re located at 801 Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica. Give us a call at 424-238-0376, or you can contact us online if you have any questions, too.