LAcarGUY and Grades of Green Work Together for a Sustainable Future

December 5th, 2014 by

Over the years LAcarGUY and Grades of Green have become more involved than they once were. They have been working together to accomplish the Trash Free Lunch Challenge for several years now,  and Subaru Pacific just started making donations to the organization as vehicles are sold with their Sharing the Love event. This partnership helps educate more children about the importance of recycling and sustainable practices and helps shape a better future for everyone.

Grades of Green Electricity Challenge

Trash Free Lunch Challenge

Each year LAcarGUY sponsors the Trash Free Lunch challenge for surrounding schools. This challenge is put on by Grades of Green and challenges schools to try and limit their trash production by as much as possible. They do this by educating students on recycling practices and importance and setting up recycling stations that organize recyclables and compost food products.

Sharing the Love

Subaru Pacific recently began their Sharing the Love event where each new vehicle purchase or lease results in the donation of $250 toward a chosen charity. After beginning the program the dealership decided to include Grades of Green in the charity as well and customers have already started making donations through their purchases and will continue to do so throughout the rest of 2014.

Additional Activities Inspired by Grades of Green

At Hermosa Valley Elementary School, three students, Reese, Sarajane and Kiley began their first project in conjunction with Grades of Green called the Electricity Challenge. In the Electricity Challenge these three students took it upon themselves to educate the rest of the students about ways to save electricity at home and in school. They provided each classroom with a list of “10 ways to save energy” and challenged each classroom to try and save as much energy as they could. It was decided that the classroom to save the most electricity by the end of the challenge would be given a popsicle party as well as $100 in school supplies. On top of educating the rest of the school, and getting 350 students involved in the challenge, these three girls also audited their own classroom looking at unnecessary lights, and appliances that didn’t need to be plugged in and let their teacher know ways she could save electricity.

Grades of Green Youth Corps members also made an appearance at the TEDx Manhattan Beach event and helped make it into a zero waste event. They set up 12 different recycling stations around the venue and gave a lunchtime presentation explaining to the guests the importance of reducing waste and how to properly recycle their items. Their hard work helped minimize the waste from the event down to just 11 bags of trash, making a massive difference in the amount of waste that would have been produced.