LAcarGUY Sponsors Sustainable Works Fundraiser

August 21st, 2009 by


LAcarGUY will be the Platinum sponsor at the 2009 2nd annual Sustainable Works Fundraiser. 

Our relationship with Sustainable Works has helped us to reduce the environmental impact of our 9 dealerships. We feel strongly about helping them continue their mission of fostering a culture of sustainability in cities, colleges and businesses. Please join us in supporting this extremely important cause.

Lexus Santa Monica is participating in SW Santa Monica Business Greening Certification program which helps businesses increase resource efficiency and "green their bottom-line."  This one year program will help Lexus Santa Monica save money by incorporating practices that result in cleaner air and water, less waste and pollution, conservation of energy and natural resources, less traffic and improved quality of life for workers. This program provides the tools we need to implement the environmental actions into our everyday lives. LAcarGUY recognizes the benefits of implementing sustainable practices that save money, increase efficiency, improves employee health and morale, and increase customer loyalty.  A green business is a smart business, and smart businesses run successful operations while protecting the environment and which sustains our economy. is a proud Platinum sponsor at the 2009 2nd Annual Sustainable Works Fundraiser.  Our donation will help continue the sustainable economic development in the City of Santa Monica and allow  businesses and students to continue greening efforts by participating in the Sustainable Works Business Greening Certification program.

CLICK HERE For more info on Sustainable Works event, to buy tickets or to volunteer