LAcarGUY Trash Free Lunch School & Dealership Team Update

February 24th, 2014 by


John Adams Middle School and the Body Shop
The school has set a goal of reducing their lunch trash from 40 bags a day to 18 bags.

Magruder Middle School and Audi Pacific
Magruder held its kick-off assembly on January 17th and on their very first day they were able to make a 20 percent reduction in their trash output. They went from 20 bags of trash to 2 bags! Since then, they have gone even lower to 1.5 bags per day. They have an awesome lead teacher, a very supportive principal and PTA and an all-in custodian. They are actively composting and are planning a Trash Free Lunch parent education night in the coming months.

Parras Middle School and Pacific Volkswagen
Parras continues to do extremely well. Their daily trash output is 3 bags and under. Students were initially leaving lunch waste on the tables rather than sorting it but they managed to motivate students by instituting litter laps. Photos of abandoned lunch trays are posted on the gym wall as a warning. If abandoned lunch litter continued after the warning photos. extra laps are added to the weekly PE run. It seems to have worked wonders!

St. John Fisher and Pacific Porsche
Saint John Fisher school also continues to do very well. They are hosting an e-waste drive to raise money to purchase a composting system. They are well under their trash goal of 2 bags producing only 12 a bag to 1 bag a day!