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Green Cars

Best Eco-Friendly Cars in Los Angeles

Find the Best Eco-Friendly Car for You in the LA Area

SoCal drivers spend a lot of time in their cars.  Conquer your commute with an energy efficient green car. They need less, or in some cases, no gas and have the added bonus of generous rebates and state and federal tax incentives.  With the added savings on fuel costs each year, green cars pay dividends for both you and the planet.

The Honda Accord has been a perennial best seller in the US across all vehicle categories. The roomy, reliable sedan has a staple in the family car segment since the 1980’s. The Hybrid edition of the Accord debuted in 2005 as the hybrid market in the US was picking up steam.

Today the Accord Hybrid is not even considered a separate model, merely an engine option. The Accord Hybrid can be outfitted and equipped like any normally configured Accord, with leather seats, 17’ wheels and all other safety features and amenities.

The Accord’s reputation for stylish reliability is well deserved as it was named North American Car of the Year in 2018. Those who know and love the Accord will be rewarded with greater economy and a smaller carbon footprint.

The Toyota Mirai is in the vanguard of green cars that employ hydrogen fuel cell technology. When the hydrogen from the Mirai’s tank meets oxygen from outside air in the fuel cell, electricity is produced to power the Mirai’s electric motor. The only byproduct of this process is water, which exits through the tailpipe.

Unlike electric vehicles, the Mirai takes just five minutes to refuel for its 312 mile range. Mirai owners also enjoy 3 years of complimentary fuel, HOV lane access, and pretty generous tax rebates.

The technical sophistication continues inside the Mirai’s cabin with a wireless Qi charging pad in the center console, front and rear heated seats, sonar assisted parking and forward facing cameras that can “read’ speed limit, stop and yield signs and display their messages in Mirai’s digital display.

Toyota’s Prius truly kicked off the green car movement when first introduced in 2001. After a stylish redesign in 2003, Prius sales doubled and then doubled again in 2005. Today the Prius name houses a family of green vehicles.

The Prime is the first plug-in hybrid bearing the Prius name. It has an amazing 640 mile range and a combined MPGe rating of 133 miles. Put more simply it gets 54 mpg, the best in its class.

The Prius Prime retains the original’s iconic shape and surprisingly voluminous interior. The well laid out cabin now has an available 11.6 inch touch screen, heated seats and a heads up display. The torque-y electric engine and low center of gravity make the Prius fun to drive and Toyota quality makes it safe and reliable.

The all electric eGolf is virtually indistinguishable from its gas powered brother. VW has taken pains to insure that the sporty, fun to drive performance of the Golf is preserved in this green car. The cabin retains all the functionality and spaciousness of the standard golf, but gets 119 MPGe.

Your fuel savings could total nearly $1,000 a year. And the savings go even further with federal and state tax rebates and incentives potentially totaling $10,000. The eGolf has a 125 mile range, more than enough to be a perfect city car. Safety and convenience features include Parking Steering Assist which can measure the size of a potential parking spot and let you know if you’ll fit.

The available VW-Car-Net security and service app enables you to lock your car doors from afar, monitor charging progress and trace your steps back to your parking space.

The Clarity is Honda’s only purpose-built green car. Originally introduced as the FCX Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell powered car in 2008, the Clarity line expanded in 2016 to include both full electric and plug-in hybrid versions. All three models offer a similar driving experience, the greatest difference being the range provided by a “fill up”.

The Hybrid and the Fuel Cell versions of the clarity offer well over 300 miles of range before needed more fuel, while the all electric Clarity offers 90 miles of range, making it perfect for city driving.

All versions of the Clarity use 80% ecologically conscious materials used throughout the cabin which includes seating for 5 adults, dual zone climate control and front and rear heated leather seats.

Audi’s first all electric vehicle, The e-tron is a new for 2019. The e-Tron is a stylish sportwagon, firmly in the tradition of Audi’s iconic wagons, but updated for today. It provides great power with a 0-60 speed of 5.5 seconds, 402 hp and a low center of gravity supplied by the brace of batteries directly under the cabin.

That weight keeps the e-tron pinned to the road. The fast 150 kW DC charging supplies 54 miles of range after just 10 minutes of charging and an expansive range of 188 miles on a single charge. Inside the e-tron is just a luxurious as any Audi, with the full complement of safety and convenience options across it’s two trim levels, including a 5 mode adaptable air suspension for the perfect ride.

The Lexus NXh is the sporty younger brother of Lexus’ segment-defining RXh, the first luxury crossover hybrid. The NX is has all the convenience, luxury and reliability befitting a Lexus, including such features as on-board wifi, Amazon Alexa and Apple CarPlay integration as well as heated and ventilated front seats.

You can fold down the rear seats for added cargo or attach bikes, boards or a cargo box up top with rail mounted cross bars. The NX is a great green option for those corporate climbers that have an an active lifestyle and need a green car ready to check all the boxes.

Porsche’s Panamera is the company’s only sedan. Truly occupying the ground between sports car and sedan, the Panamera boasts performance almost equal to its smaller and lighter sibling, the 911. After the successful launch of the Panamera in 2010, Porsche introduced the hybrid version just a year later.

In 2013 a plug-in hybrid was also offered. Today, the Panamera comes in two power configurations; a twin turbo charged V6 or V8, paired with an electric motor. Performance for both models exceeds every version of the gas powered Panamera, with both 0-60 times (3.4 for the Turbo S Hybrid) and top speed (198 again from the Turbo S Hybrid) rating best among the seven trim levels on offer.

Inside and out the Panamera Hybrids are identical to the non hybrid versions, with the accommodations made for the greater comfort of sedan drivers in no way diminishing the stunning performance of this Porsche.

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