Mike Sullivan to Be Honored at the Bring Back the Beach Gala on May 15th

April 29th, 2014 by

We’re very proud to announce that on May 15th Mike Sullivan (our president and owner) is being honored at the Bring Back the Beach annual awards dinner and fundraising event held by Heal the Bay, a well-known non-profit organization in Southern California. This massive event draws over 1000 different supporters into one location to pay homage to the most well-respected contributors to the protection of oceans and beaches in Southern California.

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As an auto-industry leader for more than four decades Mike Sullivan has made consistent contributions to Heal the Bay fundraisers. He’s an auto giant in the community with 10 different award winning dealerships and two state-of-the-art body shops. He’s also a member of the board of directors and has been a long-time partner of the non-profit.

While working with Heal the Bay Mike has sponsored field trips to aquariums, supported the beach report card system to protect beach goers, and has even donated hybrid cars to fundraising events. Now all of that dedication is coming back to him as he’s recognized by the areas’ most philanthropic. LA Sanitation and the Band Incubus will also be honored at the event for their contributions to Heal the Bay.

About Bring Back the Beach

Bring Back the Beach is a massive fundraising and award ceremony that draws together environmental, political, business and entertainment leaders into one location. The cause’s most well-known individuals walk down the blue carpet and into the event to celebrate working to improve the ocean while having a good time. The event offers the chance to win an amazing vacation package, provides artisanal cocktails, and will feature the performance of a Grammy winning artist to cap it all off. The best part about Bring Back the Beach is that it’s all for a good cause. The annual event typically raises more than $1 million that is turned into useful initiatives to improve the Southern California beaches and water systems throughout the year.

What Heal the Bay is All About

Heal the Bay has been fighting for the beaches, oceans, and waterfronts of Southern California, including Santa Monica Bay, since 1985.  They organize mass beach cleanups regularly and fight against the area’s major problems such as the dumping of untreated waste water into the ocean, plastic pollution, and urban and storm water runoff. There are all issues that are affecting the marine eco-system dramatically and issues that Heal the Bay is working to solve one by one.

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