Porsche FAQs

Q: What type of Engine Oil is recommended for my Porsche ?

Answer: Mobil 1 0W/40 Full Synthetic is the Engine Oil recommended for all Porsche Vehicles, we recommend to carry a spare quart in your vehicle in case of emergency, see our Parts Department for the oil and a Porsche Design Oil Carry Case.

Q: What type of fuel is recommended for my Porsche ?

Answer : Your Porsche is equipped with catalytic converters and must use Premium Unleaded Fuel Only, please refer to your Owners Handbook for minimum octane numbers.

Q: What is the proper air pressure for the tires on my Porsche ?

Answer : The proper air pressure for the tires on your Porsche can be simply found located on the label affixed to either the left front door frame or on the edge of the left front door, this label shows the proper pressure settings depending on vehicle loads, if you have any difficulty setting your tire pressures please stop by our Service Department for assistance.
Q: What should I do to keep my battery from loosing it’s charge when I have my Porsche parked for long periods of time ?

Answer : If your Porsche is not driven daily or is parked for several days or more Porsche recommends a battery maintainer be used to maintain your vehicle’s battery state of charge, a Porsche approved battery maintainer is available at our Parts Department and is very simple to use.
Q: Why does my remote control stop working if my Porsche is parked for an extended period of time ?

Answer : If your Porsche is not started or unlocked with the remote control within 5 days, the remote control standby function is switched off. In this case the remote control cannot be used to unlock the car. The car can be unlocked only with the car key, to reactivate the remote control, the ignition has to be switched on once.

Please feel free to contact our Porsche Parts or Service Department staff if you have any questions about your Porsche, we are committed to providing you with outstanding service and ensure miles of trouble-free driving.

Your Pacific Porsche Service and Parts Team