Porsche Sells Out of All 100 Panamera Exclusive Models in Just 48 Hours

December 9th, 2014 by

The head honchos at Porsche have been saying all along that they expected the special edition Panamera Exclusive to sell out over time, but even they didn’t expect the positive response they received. In just 48 hours after making the 100 run vehicle available for purchase, each of the vehicles was snapped up and off the market. Now they are kicking themselves wishing they had created more of the vehicles than they did.

The Car

While creating the limited Panamera Exclusive Series Porsche took the Panamera Turbo S and stretched it out by an additional six inches. They then gave it a two-tone paint job of black and chestnut brown and threw in matching leather upholstery and a premium luggage set. The rear seats of the vehicle were given 10-inch touchscreen displays for passenger enjoyment while riding around. Once all of the changes were made to the vehicle it was given a $310,500 price tag, tacking on $110,000 over the Panamera Executive model.

Giving it Another Try

Now that Porsche has seen the demand for their ultra-exclusive vehicle they are very likely to put out another run in the future. They know that some interested buyers were left out and that they could probably sell out another run of the vehicles without a problem. There is no word whether Porsche is going to release another run of these high-end special edition Panameras or if they are going to create highly exclusive lineups of some of their other models. Either way, according to Autocar this is a likely development in the future. The company spoke with Wolgang Hatz, Porsche’s head of Research and Development, and according to Hatz they will run similar limited offers in the future now that they know such a high demand exists for them.

It seems that buyers are interested in highly exclusive vehicles and are willing to pay exorbitant prices for them, even if they don’t have many performance improvements. The car is equipped with the same 570 HP engine and uses the same all-wheel drive setup giving both the ultra-rare version and the executive version similar feels while driving. We’ll have to wait and see what model Porsche decides to turn into an ultra-rare exclusive next, but it’s safe to say that there will be additional premium offerings coming up.

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