Prepare for an All-New Toyota Tacoma in January

December 7th, 2014 by

The Toyota Tacoma has demonstrated an impressive level of longevity for the small number of updates it has received. It’s been going strong for the last 10 years as one of the real mid-sized trucks on the market, along with the Nissan Frontier. Now Toyota has decided that it’s time to up their game and offer a completely revised version of the Tacoma. They’re going to wipe the slate clean and come up with a model that’s equipped with more new parts than old, that should fix a lot of the trucks weaknesses.

2015 toyota tacoma

Making Improvements to the Aging Truck

The Tacoma received a full revision in 2005 and since then has just been refreshed every few years with minor changes. The main areas that Toyota will try to improve on the Tacoma are in fuel efficiency and performance. The truck will receive a new engine along with a different transmission. These changes should give it more power while making it more fuel efficient as well, which are the two main changes that the Tacoma needs to stay on top.

Gearing Up for the Changes

Experts aren’t just releasing rumors about the Tacoma, Toyota is already gearing up their production plants to be able to create the modified mid-sized truck. According to a spokesperson from the San Antonio production plant engineers have already been there to make the needed changes to allow the new trucks to be built there. Toyota is committed to creating this refreshed model and they say that they have been planning it all along and that they aren’t simply reacting to the new models put out by GM.

New GM Models

GM recently released updated versions of the Chevy Colorado and the GMC Canyon, both of which are more fuel efficient and capable than ever before. While these trucks aren’t exactly the same size as the Tacoma, they are close enough to be a threat to the vehicle. These are the models that the Tacoma has to compete with, and it’s a good bet that the changes it has received will have a major impact on how it performs overall.

The Announcement

Toyota will unveil the all-new Tacoma at the Detroit Auto Show next month. It promises to be a whole new truck that only bears a resemblance to the 2005 model of the Tacoma. It should have a new body and a highly modified interior with a whole new look.

Mid-sized truck fans should keep their eyes peeled for announcements coming out of Detroit in the coming month. It’s a pretty good bet that they will like what they see.

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