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Porsche is a very unique brand because, despite regularly releasing new, improved beautiful examples of Porsche design for us to marvel, they also embrace their history and the enthusiasts who collect their older cars. Instead of ignoring the passion that Porsche buyers have for their cars, this is a company that truly appreciates that a Porsche owner is a Porsche enthusiast.

In 1948, the first Porsche was built in Germany and the automotive world was changed forever. Two years later, thanks to the foresight of Ferry Porsche and Max Hoffman, the first two Porsches arrived in New York City. Today, America’s passion for Porsche is deeper than ever, and to celebrate 60 years of Porsche in the U.S., PCNA is welcoming owners, fans and enthusiasts to tell their Porsche stories, and even help us locate the oldest Porsche sports cars in America.

Porsche- Celebrating 60 Years of Passion in America is a new site where there is a bevy of beautiful videos & photographs, interesting historical facts and Porsche Family Stories from enthusiast owners like Jerry Seinfeld.

From the site:
“The Porsche brand was established in Germany in 1948. In 1950, New York City businessman Max Hoffman introduced the Porsche 356 to America, sparking a love affair that has lasted for six decades. Today, America’s passion for Porsche is deeper than ever, and our Family Tree sports strong new branches. To help us celebrate 60 years of Porsche in America, we’re inviting owners, fans and enthusiasts to tell their Porsche stories on our Porsche Family Tree. We’re also looking for the oldest Porsche sports cars in the U.S. in the My Porsche Classic Search.”

Once you jump in, consider the boring part of your day to be over. Some of the featured content includes:

My Porsche Classic Search

  • They are on the search for the oldest Porsche vehicles sold in America! If you own and can officially verify the retail age of your Porsche, you are invited to enter your car in one of the categories that include the oldest 356, 911, 912, 914, 924, 928, 944, 968, Boxster, Cayenne, Carrera GT and Cayman. Participants receive a badge from the Porsche Museum and the top 12 models may be photographed and included in the American exhibit at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Porsche Passion Contest

  • Win one of three trips to the Porsche Sport Driving School (with a guest) by entering your favorite Porsche story.

Porsche History

  • An interactive timeline with photos of founders, cars and innovations, this section will keep you engaged if you love Porsche and want to learn even more!

Porsche Family Stories

  • The Porsche legend is filled with larger than life stories. Thrilling race wins. Shattered records. Technological feats. Yet some of the favorite stories come from the mouths of owners and enthusiasts. Intimate tales of passion offer a glimpse into the ties that bind all Porsche owners. This is your opportunity to look beneath the sheet metal and statistics and see the heart and soul of Porsche.

Almost every part of the site is interactive: user can submit stories, photos and even video. This project will just increase the rich history of 60 years of Porsche Passion in America.

One of the featured videos by designer Freeman Thomas discussing the animated design of Porsche:


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