Subaru Pacific Makes Grades of Green and Heal the Bay Part of their Share the Love Event

December 5th, 2014 by

Subaru Pacific, an LAcarGUY dealership has teamed up with Grades of Green, and Heal the Bay with their “Share the Love” program. Essentially with this program each time that someone buys or leases a new vehicle from now through the end of 2014 the dealership will donate $250 to a charity selected by the person that purchases the vehicle. That means that anyone in the market for a vehicle could potentially use their purchase to help a good cause as well.

What Grades of Green Does?

There are many charities and non-profit organizations out there that focus on treating pollution issues that we’re dealing with now, and that’s important, but it doesn’t address the issues that will occur in the future. Grades of Green is focused on educating the youth of today about the value of helping and protecting the environment. The more they know about these values, the less likely that the world will experience the problems that it is today in the future. By going right into schools around the country, the organization is able to educate students and empower them to improve conditions today, while planning for an improved future later on.

What $250 Buys for Grades of Greens

Each time that Grades of Green receives a donation from Subaru Pacific 83 additional students can be educated in Grades of Green’s program. That’s 83 additional students who will learn about the importance of protecting the environment and will hopefully begin working actively to improve their communities. It’s easy to see how this program could result in some major changes around the country, and helpful improvements for the Grades of Green program overall.

If you’re in the market for a Subaru you could help the Grades of Green non-profit organization by working with Subaru Pacific. The donation made is included in the cost of the vehicle and you don’t pay anything extra for the contribution. It’s through efforts like these, and additional fundraisers throughout the year that Grades of Green is able to keep running and improving the country by educating the youth of America. Partnerships such as the one between LAcarGUY and Grades of Green have led to several impressive environmental accomplishments this year and it’s only through continued involvement with the organization that students around the country will become aware of just how important sustainable practices are.

What’s the Purpose of Heal the Bay?

Heal the Bay is a well-known organization in the Los Angeles area that works on cleaning up the Santa Monica Bay as well as other surrounding waterways. It was formed more than 25 years ago by a group of people who were tired of all the pollution being poured into the Santa Monica Bay. Now it’s a large non-profit organization that participates in cleanups and works hard to keep California waterways free of pollution for everyone to enjoy more.

Whether you want to help educate the youth of the country about the importance of recycling and sustainable living, or you want to aid the volunteers at Heal the Bay with their goal of keeping California waterways clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy, you can do so when shopping at Subaru Pacific.