The Subaru BRZ and BRZ Special Edition Blue

May 30th, 2014 by

Subaru recently announced the pricing and improvements to the 2015 BRZ and special edition BRZ Series Blue. These all-new vehicles come with a variety of improvements both aesthetic and performance based.

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The 2015 BRZ is a sleeker and sportier looking model. It comes with larger stainless tailpipe tips this vehicle has a sportier look. The roof mounted body color shark fin antenna provides improved reception while giving a distinctive look and the dash is designed to look like carbon fiber for a truly sporty feel.

The look of the new BRZ isn’t the only thing that’s changed however. It is very focused on sporty performance and that’s why a variety of changes to the body and design have been made. This vehicle focuses on a low weight, and a lower center of gravity taking advantage of its 200 HP BOXER engine nicely. The BRZ received a variety of improvements made to it to boost the overall handling quality as well.

The 2015 model comes with revised suspensiondampers creating more contact with the road while driving and giving the vehicle a smoother roll. It’s also equipped with a 4-wheel independent suspension system and 17 inch summer tires that offer superior performance in warm weather conditions.

Special Edition BRZ Series Blue

The special edition Subaru BRZ Series blue is limited to 1,000 cars for the United States meaning you probably won’t see another driving around your neighborhood. This exclusive edition features a more aerodynamic body style and black 17-inch wheels boldly say BRZ on them. The overall aerodynamics of the car are improved thanks to the addition of front, side and side-rear under spoilers. Underbody panels have also been added to reduce drag even though they aren’t visible from a standing posi

If you’re looking for an impressive looking ride, this limited edition vehicle comes with some impressive customizations. A mixture of blue and black leather is wrapped around the interior of this vehicle and its all adorned with blue stitching. The leather wrapped steering wheel goes nicely with the matching shift boot and the wrapped parking brake. This exclusive model is set to start at $29,490 and should start becoming available in July.

The BRZ is available in premium or limited trim levels and are designed to be sporty and fun to drive around. Car enthusiasts will have a lot of fun taking a BRZ or BRZ Special Edition Blue out for a test drive. These cars are a great value and a lot of fun.

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