Best Tech Cars

Here are our picks for the best cars supplying the best tech at every price.

Today's cars are loaded with more technology and engineering than ever.  From increased performance to futuristic power plants to foot massagers (no joke!), the cars of today are finding new ways to enhance the experience of driving.

The A8 is the flagship of the Audi fleet. A true luxury sedan, the A8 has the best Audi has to offer in technology and convenience for both drivers and passengers. The Audi MMI touch response unit controls everything in the cabin with a haptic touch display that allows you to tap, pinch and swipe controls for climate, audio, navigation and more. The A8 also includes an air quality system that fills the cabin with negatively charged ions that can reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air. The 22-way adjustable front seats are not only heated and ventilated but also have a power massage feature for both front seat occupants.

But the back seat of the A8 is where the magic happens. The available Executive Rear Seat package includes a "relaxation seat" located in the right rear side that features a foot rest with adjustable heat and massage functions. Also available is the rear seat Connectivity Package that includes 2 10" detachable android tablets to facilitate work or relaxation as needed.


Getting great tech in your car doesn't mean you need to break the bank. Honda's Civic Si offers tons of great tech and engineering at base cost of $25k. Safety features like the Lane Keeping Assist System and Collision Mitigation Braking system, along with traction control and brake assist help keep you safe on the road.

The multi-view rear camera, Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity are standard as are heated front seats and the Civic Si's Sport mode for quicker acceleration and a tighter suspension. Combine all these features with Honda's turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine and a 6 speed manual transmission and you've got a great little sports car, loaded with tech that will be fun to throw around the curves.


Subaru's STI division has spent 30 years translating their racing experience into amazing street cars.  Twenty years ago the first S-Series car debuted as the S-201. In 2020 STI is releasing a limited edition WRX called the S209. The already legendary Boxer 4 engine has gained a larger turbocharger, upgraded fuel pump and remapped engine control unit resulting in 341hp and 0-60 in less than 5 seconds.

An intercooler water-spray system, activated from a paddle on the steering column drops engine intake temperatures and gives an added burst of power on demand. STI engineers have also widened the STI's body to accommodate the wider tires, a carbon fiber roof and rear spoiler make the S209 both lighter and more rigid at the same time. The S209 is a track-ready car that can double as your daily driver.


The Taycan is the first all-electric car produced by Porsche. Befitting its status as a Porsche, the Taycan offers unbelievable performance thanks to its two synchronous permanent-magnet motors that can propel the Turbo S model from 0-60 in a face melting 2.6 seconds behind an effective 750 hp. From a standing start it creates 1.2g, which is faster than the force of gravity for the first few yards.

The Porsche Recuperation Management system captures 90% of the braking energy to keep charging the battery during city driving. The Taycan's superior tech also includes a suite of digital and convenience features. If you're planning on traveling further than the 201 mile range of the Taycan, the Charging Planner can help you map your route for the fastest options to recharge and keep driving. The Porsche Connect app lets you start or monitor your charging status or preset the temperature of the cabin on those hot or cold days.


The GS F now in its 10th year is loaded with the most advanced tech and engineering that Lexus has to offer. It's naturally aspirated V8 creates 467 hp, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 167 mph. Its Brembo four-wheel power assisted braking system distributes the brakeforce in conjunction with GS F's ABS and Brake Assist systems to provide immediate and safe stopping power at high speeds.

On the inside the GS F offers a 12.3 inch split screen display that displays traffic and weather information, 3d city views, and can locate nearby gas stations when the car is low on fuel. Siri "Eyes Free" capability allows compatible iPhone info like text, email and music to be displayed on the car's multimedia system. The Lexus Enform remote allows you to unlock, start or locate your vehicle from your smart device. If you loan your GS F to a friend or your children, you can get notifications if preset speed or mile limits are exceeded.


Technology isn't always about comfort or connectivity. The best technology in the Toyota Mirai is its innovative fuel system. The Mirai is a full cell vehicle that runs on hydrogen. Air from outside the vehicle is funneled through the car to the fuel cell where it mixes with the hydrogen stored in the Mirai's tanks. The process creates electricity which powers the Mirai's motor. The only by-product of this process is water which leaves the vehicle through a hatch located on the bottom of the Mirai.

Toyota designed the carbon fiber wrapped fuel tanks which can absorb 5 times the crash energy of steel. Systems onboard the Mirai stop the flow of hydrogen in the event of a crash. All hydrogen parts are located outside of the cabin to prevent hydrogen from building up. Any hydrogen released quickly disperses in the atmosphere. Toyota is committed to having a net positive carbon footprint for its company by 2050. The work being done in creating the Mirai will have long term implications for this goal.


Porsche has redesigned its entry level SUV, the Macan, for 2020. While nice exterior upgrades, including a redesigned front and rear fascia, signal a new era for the Macan, the new tech inside is the real game changer. The 2020 Macan now includes the Porsche Communication Management system which first debuted in the Panamera.

The PCM is controlled by a 10.9 inch HD touch display that can be configured and personalized with the info you use the most. The Porsche Connect applications can provide info on traffic, local restaurants with ratings and even nearby gas stations with pricing. The Porsche Connect app can also provide info on the car's systems, control the climate and start or unlock the car remotely.


The Corolla Hybrid is a brand-new model for 2020. The newest Toyota Hybrid offers a new battery that now offers a 10 year or 150,000 mile warranty. The Corolla hybrid has an estimated 52 mpg, the highest ever for a Corolla.

Engage Hybrid Power Mode and enjoy a greater throttle response and a more thrilling drive. The Toyota Safety Sense features include lane departure and road edge detection capabilities, a pre-collision system that will slow the car when it recognizes other cars, pedestrians or cyclists.


Audi's newly redesigned A4 builds upon the sedan's reputation for performance and style with a full complement of driver tech that enhances safety and convenience. Audi Connect with Amazon Alexa integration can provide door to door directions or even order groceries by voice from the A4's cockpit. The Audi phone box can wirelessly charge your phone and boost its signal from the center console, and when plugged in Apple CarPlay puts all of your phone's features on the 10.1 inch center screen.

On the road Audi's adaptive cruise control can maintain a safe speed and distance while in traffic, reducing driver fatigue. Audi also offers Traffic Sign Recognition that displays pertinent safety and speed limit info in the head's up display, just in case you happened to miss that school zone warning.


Following on the success of VW's newest SUV, the Atlas, Volkswagen is introducing the Atlas Cross Sport for 2020. The Cross Sport eliminates the 3rd row, lowers the roofline and adds a steep rake near the rear bumper to create a slimmer, sportier version of the Atlas. Inside the Atlas is loaded with VW's best tech including Traffic Jam Assist that will maintain lane discipline while also automatically deploying the throttle and brake to keep you sane during stop and go traffic jams. Also, standard are forward collision warning and autonomous braking, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

The Cross Sport offers a 10 inch touch screen and wireless phone charging. Dynamic Light Assist for the front headlights use a front facing camera to automatically control use of high beams and redirects the light beams as you head into a turn. On the inside, the ambient cabin lighting can be customized in 30 different colors.