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Find the car that really gets you. LAcarGUY's new "search by lifestyle" feature allows you to start your search with the things you love to do, then helps you find that perfect ride. If you're a single surfer or family that camps together LAcarGUY's lifestyle search will give you great choices for every budget. Now get started!


Today's cars are loaded with more technology and engineering than ever. From increased performance to futuristic power plants to foot massagers (no joke), today's cars are finding new ways to enhance the experience of driving.

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Whether you ski, board or just enjoy a good snowball fight these cars are perfect ways to get up into the mountains and out on the snow.

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Sometimes your car is more than the thing that gets you to work, it is a tool that enables you to do your job.  Whether you're baking bread or building houses, the following list of cars can help you get it done.

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Sometimes the journey is the destination.  If you love to drive, these sports cars are your new crush.  Whether you prefer a track ready coupe, an autobahn equipped super sedan or a head turning street racer, our list has something for everyone.  Strap in and get ready to stir the gears.

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Whether you're college bound or just finishing, picking out that first new car is a right of passage for grads of all ages.  Our curated list of cars runs the gamut from the super economical to entry level luxury and everything in between.  So whether you're heading to the city to start that first job, or off to campus, the perfect car for your next adventure is here ready and waiting.

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Inevitably, parents marvel at how much the arrival of their first child alters their lifestyle. This is true on the road as well. Dreams of that two-seat roadster give way to thoughts of child safety, rear seat access and cargo space.

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Whether you're a weekend warrior or on Dawn Patrol, we've got the perfect surf car for the way you live.

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If you prefer roughing it alone or taking the family glamping, these cars will get you and all you need out in the wild.

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Whether you want an SUV, a sports car, or family sedan you can still go green. From luxury to economy to utility these green cars come ready for the occasion.

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